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Purchase of Claims

We buy illiquid claims from creditors of: 

  • Bankruptcy estates

  • Receiverships

  • Insolvency proceedings

  • Insurance liquidations

  • Class action settlements

  • Litigations

  • Hedge funds

  • Sovereign Entities

Critical factors in our decision-making process relate to the validity of the claim and our ability to enforce creditor rights in a court of law.  Once we are comfortable with these factors and have determined an acceptable price, the risk and timing of recovery is ours.


Certain fiduciaries require every asset to be auctioned.  These are not typically situations where Triax will participate as a principal.  However, Triax can serve as an intermediary to assist the fiduciary in getting the highest and best bid.

In order to effectuate an auction Triax will take the following steps:

  • Timetable -  We will recommend a timetable for auctioning off an asset.

  • Identify Prospective Buyers – No one knows their competition better than us.  Accordingly, we know the field of buyers for almost every asset.

  • Confidentiality -  By obtaining confidentiality agreements, we restrict potential bidders from discussing the auction process thereby resulting in collusion and reduction of price.

  • Guaranteed minimums -  We will often set a floor by guaranteeing a minimum recovery.

  • Finalization of documents and closing -  We bring results by closing deals quickly.

Asset Management

With over 30 plus years of experience in the distressed marketplace, Triax is extremely well-suited to manage portfolios of illiquid assets.  Over the years, we have been engaged to manage distressed for banks and investment firms that no longer have the internal resources to manage these assets.

Monthly Reportings

For a modest monthly fee, Triax will provide investors with monthly reporting on distressed investments.

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